About us

TOPLINKS strength in Africa is based on strong Points of Presence that have been established over many years, this includes TOPLINKS offices and partnerships in various countries which cover most of Africa, as follows:.


  • Republic of South Africa – A leading local system Integrator with strong Black Economic Empowerment qualifications that are key to the success in South Africa. We have excellent links into the current Incumbent fixed line operator, Telkom SA and with the mobile operators: MTN, Vodacom and Cell C. We have ongoing contacts and leads within the local telecommunications market, this include the newly established Second Network Operator. Two of Africa’s main mobile operators, Vodacom and MTN are key as they have a number of networks across Africa, their head offices are based in R.S.A.
  • Southern Africa – We drive our activities in Southern Africa into countries such as Botswana, Namibia, and Mozambique through our partner in South Africa. We have a strong established relationship with the following ILEC’s Botswana Telecom Corporation (BTC), Namibia Telecom (Namtel) and Telecomunicações de Moçambique (TDM). Also with the respective mobile operators in these countries, Vista Wireless and Mascom Wireless in Botswana, Mobile Telecommunications Co. in Namibia, MCEL and Vodacom in Mozambique.
  • Angola - We drive our activities in Angola through another partner based in South Africa, who has strong political and commercial links and establishment in Angola, mainly with Angola Telecom.
  • Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) – Like Angola we drive our activities through our partner based in South Africa. We have links to the main incumbent operator OCPT, and the more prominent mobile operators, CELTEL and Vodacom DRC.
  • Ghana – We have a registered company in Ghana, through which we drive our Central African activities, covering East and West Africa. TOPLINKS Ghana is partially owned by a local well known Ghanaian who has access to the highest influencing levels in Ghana. TOPLINKS has been awarded a contract by Ghana Telecom for the supply installation and commissioning of Broadband Access Equipment and related Services. The contract value is estimated to be approximately US$ 8 million over a 3 year period. We have well trained and well equipped teams for the perfect execution of this contract and other turn key project.
  • West Africa - We currently drive our activities in West Africa (Togo, Benin, Cote d’Ivoire, Nigeria) through our offices in Accra, Ghana. We intend to establish a local point of presence in Nigeria, by Q4 this year. The area of activity for this office shall include West and North African territories.
  • East Africa – Our Point of Presence in East Africa is in Kenya, where we have an installed base with Telkom Kenya. We have ongoing leads with Safaricom and Kencell, both cellular operators in Kenya. Tanzania and Uganda are also covered from this Point of Presence in Kenya.
  • Ethiopia – We cover Ethiopia from our offices in Israel. We use a local system integrator company based in Addis Ababa and we intend to establish a local company to better serve Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation (ETC).
    • Marketing & Sales – Mode Of OperationWe prefer to operate as the front supplier to the potential customer and we take full responsibility toward the customer. This is backed up with an agreement between all concerned parties.There are certain occasions where the customer may prefer higher exposure to the equipment supplier, to have a direct link to the equipment supplier. In such a case, TOPLINKS may operate as a distributor.In any case, TOPLINKS will be responsible for the supporting services and training, to minimize the involvement of the equipment supplier in the local activities and to optimize the overhaul implementation cost.
  • Cost Effective and Competitive

Cost effective and competitive prices are key components in TOPLINKS’ strategy; therefore we minimize the number of links in the sales chain.
In most opportunities, TOPLINKS is the sole link between the equipment supplier and the customer. This link may include local partners who provide the local presence and the necessary political connections, which are essential for the success of the business in these parts of the world – Africa. These approved partners are always an integral part of TOPLINKS.

TOPLINKS’ compact structure reflects efficient cost and minimum overhead. This permits us to be competitive with our offerings and dramatically increases our probability to win the many opportunities available in the African market.


TOPLINKS is a group of profitable private companies with strong financing capabilities. Our funds are based on the group of companies owners direct investment and from operational revenues. We may provide additional account and financial information upon your request.